Utilizing scent to create a better consumer tanning experience

If you’ve ever worked at a tanning salon, then you know that dealing with the various odors that you can encounter daily can be a bit overwhelming. From the members who visit the place of business to the products they use there are a lot of scents floating around in the atmosphere. Not sure what they call the pet-odor-cigarette-smoke-coconut-spray-tan scent these days but it is awful. Spray tan itself has a history of smelling bad! So its not a shock that major tanning industry brands are turning to commercial HVAC scent diffusers to control their locations environment.

The Available Solutions

When you begin to think about the various products that are on the market that enable tanning salon owners and operators to have a clean smelling and inviting environment, it becomes clear that there is an apparent gap. The #1 & #2 suggested products are usually an aerosol spray or ultrasonic, water-based diffuser. Both of these are costly to operate and do not provide enough coverage to stop “scent creep.” The scent creep term is used to describe the action of smelling a foul odor that has a slight floral scent over it. In the end its a strong unpleasant odor that is sure to leave an impression on anyone who had the joy of smelling it.

TANDPDX Location Using the OW-3000 from Oil Works & Co.

Why Use Scent In Your Tanning Salon?

When tanning salons compete for business or want to stand out to their members, they choose to provide excellent service, quality products, and a desirable, clean-smelling environment. When working with some of our tanning salon clients, we found that pure essential oil from the Eucalyptus plant improved their overall member retention and customer experience. Their online ratings were higher over 12 months vs. another location they did not use scent it in.

So when thinking about this idea of scent marketing or sensory marketing using HVAC enabled diffusers, please consider that some of your competition already is. This trend will continue to rise, and those who do not innovate and change will lose their share of the market.

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