HVAC Essential Oil Diffuser

HVAC Essential Oil Diffuser

HVAC Essential Oil Diffuser

If you are reading this page you are most likely looking to scent your home or office via your HVAC system with essential oils and fragrances. There are many benefits to using a commercial diffuser that integrates with central heating and air. For starters, you can run scent through all rooms that the air handler flows through with just one machine. This alone will save you money in equipment as well as oil/fragrance costs. In addition to saving money, you will also benefit from having a centralized refill location and not have to go in each room and fill a stand-alone diffuser.

This diagram illustrates the way the HVAC essential oil diffuser would work in your current system.

Installing an HVAC essential oil diffuser is extremely simple and won’t require a special technician to come to your home or office. It’s as simple as placing a tube into the air handler and plugging in the diffuser into a regular electrical outlet. With all of our diffusers, you can set a timer to dispense the oil or fragrance at the desired scent strength throughout the day. If you’re looking to scent only during open hours for your business or when you are up at home, you can just set the timer and forget it!

If you have any questions about our diffusers and specially HVAC enabled machines, please contact us today!

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