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Your home is one of the most important spaces you encounter on a daily basis. Having a good smell inside of your space will create a more relaxed, comforting environment. Not only are essential oils good for you, they have anti- microbial traits and help cut down on germs and bacteria that live in your home.

What are you spending on plugins, aerosols and candles?

As a home owner you are constantly cleaning, updating, and maintaining your homes presence. Same goes for your air quality! You buy filters, ionizers, candles, plug-ins and aerosol based products to clean and improve your air quality. Problem is, all of these methods work partially, and none of them eradicate odors with 100% certainty. In addition to them not working, they are expensive because you need a lot of them and they are also very harmful to you.

By using a commercial grade essential oil diffuser you can feel good about what you are scenting your space with. You can control the intensity, the oils you put into it and how much time you want it to be on for.

Our scent delivery systems also apply cold-air nebulizing diffusion, which guarantees a constant level of scent without compromising the oils.

Frequently Asked Questions

We forged an alliance with a factory that produces these commercial grade diffusers in bulk by the 1000’s and we have the ability to sell direct to consumers and pass those savings on to you by not being a middle man and up-charging you for a logo.

All of our components in our diffusers are made out of an aluminum-coated housing and commercial, medical-grade plastics. They are heavyweight and are very durable. Even in attics with hot and cold climates.

We offer a 1-year parts and labor warranty on all devices. We will work with you to solve any issues that may arise during your 1st year

We offer a 30 day return policy should you change your mind or if the device doesn’t suit your needs. There is a restocking fee of 15% on all USED items during the 30 day window.

We process your order the same day and shipping lead time is up to 14 days from processing.


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